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Dr. Marta Weber Forensic Psychologist / Profiler of Serial Killers & Sexual Predators

martahs.jpg (58611 bytes)Dr. Weber is a psychologist whose distinguished 30-year career has spanned clinical, forensic and intelligence specialties. These include violent crimes against children. She has studied the exploits of more than 1,000 child abusers and sex offenders, and is regularly consulted by local and federal law enforcement agencies to profile suspects.


Da Juana Byrd - Psychic profiler

dajuana.jpg (40801 bytes)Da Juana Byrd assists law enforcement in locating missing bodies, missing children and providing information needed for their investigations. She is a renowned psychic, medium and intuitive.  She is also the author of Ghosts Talk: How to Hear and Talk with them.

Dr. Gordon Wolf - Psychologist, specializing in behavioral disorders

deltito.jpg (61116 bytes)Dr Gordon Wolf is author of 'Your Personal BluePrint™ Creates Your LIfe' (a book that shares studies utilizing his Personal BluePrint theory as it applies to social life and family relationships. His extensive work with law enforcement officers is renowned. His expertise includes Social Behavioral issues anxiety, pain therapy and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Joyce Divinyi - Child Behavior & School Violence

divinyi.jpg (331015 bytes)Joyce Divinyi is a licensed professional counselor, with 20 yrs. experience working with school administrators, parents and children to problems in school,  to help all be aware of behavioral problems that are warning signs to potential problems. She is author of 'Good Kids, Difficult Behavior.'