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Minns' Recent Appellate Victory over the IRS

Minns gets Two IRS attorney's Suspended

Minns wins landmark tax evasion case against IRS

Minns published by South Texas Law Journal (on WIllfulness)

Michael Louis Minns is a successful Houston, Texas criminal lawyer, who has built a reputation for representing those who have gotten themselves in trouble with the IRS. He is a best selling author, and represents many high profile cases where taxpayers are charged with tax evasion or have simply not followed the Internal Revenue Service's complicated tax code. Minns is the underdog's best friend when they find themselves in 'IRS crosshairs.'

MinnsHS.jpg (53220 bytes)For the past 30 years, Minns has represented taxpayers from Hawaii to New York, and Texas to Alaska. His many precedent-setting rulings in civil and criminal law, and appellate decisions have become case law, and are regularly quoted in trial proceedings across the country. Minns has represented clients in more than 200 jury trials.

There are very few attorneys who hold licenses in as many courts and states as Minns. Licensed in more than 30 jurisdictions, and all appellate courts, he has become recognized as one of the most traveled and prominent trial and criminal tax appellate lawyers in the country.

In 1989 Minns wrote
The Underground Lawyer, which became a bestseller, and still today it serves as a symbolic bible of encouragement and wisdom for defense attorneys across the country. The revised edition, The Underground Lawyer - Millennium Edition was released in May of 2001.  It is an updated version of the original book and chronicles many of Minns' most difficult cases, providing strategies for both the lawyer and client in dealing with civil and domestic actions, criminal income tax charges, and legal malpractice.

In May of 2001, Barricade Books released 'HOW TO SURVIVE THE IRS - My Battles Against Goliath,' in which Minns chronicles many of the cases he has represented in court actions against the IRS, where agents abused power and misinterpreted or misapplied tax code, violating his client's civil rights. His courtroom and appellate victories have established case law and helped pave the way the for change in the way the IRS' treat taxpayers.

Minns was a single parent and high school English teacher when he decided to attain his law degree. In 1977, within one week of passing the bar, after graduating from the South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas, he represented his first client in court - and won. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas. A former Golden Gloves Champion, Minns still maintains a very disciplined physical regimen. He and his wife Michelle live on a 50 acre farm near Katy, Texas, where they take-in abandoned domestic and exotic animals. They have three children (one is a recent law school graduate of Cornell University).

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