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Major Jon Glassford (US Military Intelligence-retired) PSYOPS (Desert Storm-era veteran).

glasford.jpg (359501 bytes)Maj Jon W. Glassford served for 26 years in US Army Military Intelligence and Special Operations. His experience includes tactical and strategic Electronic Warfare, Counterintelligence, Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), and Counterterrorism. He currently teaches cross-cultural communications to several DoD intelligence agencies.

Col. 'Buzz' Kriesel (retired) Former Commander of the 4th group (4 Psychological Battalions) PSYOPS expert (Gulf War veteran).

krieser.jpg (83780 bytes)Col. Buzz Kriesel commanded all PsyOps forces (4 Battalions, based out of Ft. Bragg) during the Gulf War, and was responsible for the operational readiness and training of all PsyOps reserve forces. Col Kriesel is also a recognized expert on the Islamic Jihad and their terrorist operations worldwide.



Chief Warrant Officer, J.W. Harper (retired) Expert on Middle East, Saudia Arabia, and Weapons of Mass Destruction as it relates to Iraq & Saddam Hussein (Gulf War veteran).

Chief Warrant Officer 5, James W. Harper spent 32 years in Military intelligence and served during both Desert Shield and Desert Storm, with the 'Defensive Threat Reduction Agency' which gathers intell and debriefs US Government inspectors involved in treaty verification between the US and treaty partners.

David Cid - Former FBI Agent- Anti-Terrorism Task Force (with expertise in both the US & Middle East)

davidcid.jpg (4866 bytes)Until his retirement in June of 2001, David Cid spent 21 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  During the last 10 years of his career with the FBI, he worked on the anti-terrorism task force, requiring him to travel internationally, gathering intelligence and conducting investigations into terrorist activities.

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