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As her star rose, she kept a deep dark secret


"Thousands are being helped as she hits the nation's airways"


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PSA's hitting the airways


You may or may not be familiar with former child actor, Martha Nix-Wade. She became a much adored child star during the 70’s and 80’s on The Waltons, Days of Our Lives and many other TV programs. From the early age of seven until Martha was 24 she kept a deep, dark secret.  A church leader and family friend had sexually assaulted her for nearly seven years, up into her early teens.  

Over the past week, Martha launched a book tour to promote her new book, My Secret Life: A Truthful Look at a Child Actor’s Victory over Sexual Abuse. Radio audiences all over the country have heard Martha's story, gained guidance and received helpful information that will aid them in dealing with this heinous and all too common issue. Radio station switchboards have reportedly lit up on call in shows.

It took many years for Martha to deal with the trauma and speak of those tragic events, but when she finally came forward and took action she began to heal. Not only did she begin talking about the heinous events she endured, but wanted to find a way to reach more people who needed her guidance. In 2007 she formed a non-profit organization to help others. Although the statute of limitations had long expired in her case, she was determined to encourage others NOT to remain silent and has helped thousands over the past four years. Go to: and read about her work. 

Many, including this publicist have encouraged Martha to document her story in a book, and on April 25th, 2011 “My Secret Life: A Truthful Look at a Child Actor’s Victory over Sexual Abuse” was released nationwide.  All of the proceeds from her book will go towards the funding of her wonderful organization.  

In her book Martha addresses the most difficult time in her life. At the early age of seven she innocently trusted a close family friend, who began to sexually assault her. While Martha's life appeared to be picture perfect to adoring fans and family members, years of sexual abuse behind closed doors were wreaking havoc on her perception of love, life, relationships, and self.  

My Secret Life is a candid, yet sensitive look into Martha's childhood and the effects of sexual abuse on every aspect of her life. It offers insights into childhood molestation, and exhibits one woman's courageous journey to face the truth on the way to freedom from guilt and shame. Her book was written to be a healing tool for those recovering from this unthinkable crime. It also speaks to those who have not personally experienced sexual abuse. My Secret Life opens readers’ eyes to better understand how individuals live through this pain, face challenges, and need understanding people with whom to walk through the process of healing.

Her much-anticipated book, like her exhaustive work with A Quarter Blue, is written to not only share her own story, but to help parents and other family  members identify the signs of sexual abuse and encouragement to come forward and take a stand against the offenders.

Martha travels the country speaking to parent and teacher groups. and she and her team field calls daily from victims and their families. She is a warm, personable and informative guest who will provide your audience with much needed healing advice and counsel.

Martha and her husband of seventeen years, Gary, live in Orange County, California with their two children.

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