Marta S. Weber, Ph.D.

Forensic Psychologist and Profiler

Dr. Weber is a 30-year veteran of clinical psychology - working as a forensic psychologist and profiler. She not only profiles serial killers and abductors in missing person cases, but specializes in sexual predators of children.

Dr. Weber's distinguished career has spanned clinical, forensic and intelligence specialties. She has served hundreds of times as an expert witness in high-profile cases, and her work in examining child sexual predators is legendary - having studied the exploits of more than 1,000 sex offenders. She is regularly consulted by local and federal law enforcement agencies to look into the mind of serial criminals.

Dr. Weber earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of California, Berkeley, and completed post-graduate fellowships at the Menninger Clinic and Reiss David Child Study Center, Los Angeles. Dr. Weber maintained a private practice in the heart of Silicon Valley for many years, and was a member of the adjunct clinical faculty at U.C. and Stanford University school of Medicine, Dept of Psychiatry. While a clinician, Dr. Weber was frequently called upon as an expert witness in legal cases.

Directing her attention to forensic psychology, Dr. Weber undertook specialized profile training with the head of the FBI's Behavioral Sciences unit, Roy Hazzelwood, and became a recognized expert in the profiling and assessment of domestic terrorists, and cognitive behavioral and treatment of serial sexual offenders. She consulted for law enforcement, corrections and criminal justice systems in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Currently, Dr. Weber works as a profiler for numerous government agencies, and profiles potential employees and jury witnesses for corporate, legal, government and intelligence clientele.


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