What Happens When a Harvard-Trained Cardiologist

Blends Holistic and Western Medicine?

Medical Community is stunned, but

Hearts, minds and spirits are all healed


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[Los Angeles, CA - February 4, 2014] Dr. Cynthia Thaik is a popular HEART doctor, based in LA who practices with her HEART, delivering security and peace of mind to her patients by orchestrating behavioral and mindset shifts to evoke lasting transformational changes in their health, well-being, vitality, energy, and creativity. Dr. Cynthia (as her patients refer to her) is raising eyebrows with the medical community, and is among only a handful of physicians in the United States who combine holistic, eastern and western medicine in the treatment of their patients.

The primary difference between Dr. Cynthia and the typical heart doctor is the positive influence her Buddhist upbringing has brought to her practice. Over the past fifteen years, Dr. Cynthia has proven that the heart is the center of health and well-being, representing the essence of life—a gift that is often taken for granted.

Today, her much-anticipated book, YOUR VIBRANT HEART breaks coast to coast.

This book is chocked full of vital, valuable information for living a long, healthy, vibrant life, It is literally a handbook for a healthy heart. It is easy to read and apply. I highly recommend it.” ---Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul®.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States despite the fact that it is largely preventable and controllable. Hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and obesity are through the roof. Our society finds itself dependent on processed foods, fast-paced lifestyles, and stress. We often feel that circumstances and our environments are dictating our day-to-day routines, and that we have lost control of ourselves. but we have much more control over our lives than we give ourselves credit for. We may not hold sway over the many external events that seem to pitch our lives into a constant state of crisis. Yet we have power over something just as critical: our own reactions to those events.  How we chose to respond rather than react to situations changes the very fabric of our beings and dictates the outcomes that we will experience.

Since 1999 Dr. Cynthia has successfully treated thousands of patients, and drastically changed their lives. Dr. Cynthia's treatment is very unique and has come to the attention of major heart centers and leading cardiologists all over the world.  After hundreds of requests to chronicle her treatment philosophy and regimen she decided to compile her much-anticipated book, YOUR VIBRANT HEART.

Here's a brief introduction to tidbits of the information Dr. Cynthia has packed into her 320 page book:

“Most, if not all, diseases occur as a result of the misalignment of the mind-body connection,” says Dr. Cynthia. “Many people fail to recognize that spiritual and emotional health are equally important to physical health in keeping the heart beating at optimal strength.”

Health and a vibrant, vivacious heart are not wholly physical things. The life we desire, the health we desire, and the quality of our hearts and bodies are first created within our mind’s eye. Dr. Cynthia shares many effective techniques with her patients to help them manage stress, bring order to their chaotic lives, eat healthy foods, lose weight and find deep and lasting peace with themselves and the world around them.

Six simple practices for heading off heart disease:

1) Live in Gratitude  - Be thankful for the things you have. Appreciate both the good and the bad in your life, since each has the power to transform you for the better. Gratitude reminds you of what truly matters in life. If you reflect daily on the tings you are thankful for you will begin to notice the difference between what's important and what's superficial. Gratitude makes your problems seem less daunting and more manageable.

2) Laugh a Little - An old Yiddish proverb says, "What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." everyone knows that laughter makes you feel good and puts you in high spirits, but di you also know that laughter actually causes physiological responses that protects the body from disease and helps your vital organs repair themselves.

3) Love Yourself and Others - Love is an intense emotional feeling; a core human need that takes many forms. Self-love is just as important as loving others. It is human nature to take good care of the things and people we love, but that cannot begin until we first love ourselves.

4) Fill Your Life With Joy - We all have the capacity to live a life that is filled with joy. Joy is about inspiration, passion and motivation. It is about setting goals and taking the time to do the things you really enjoy. When you are joyful, your whole body benefits; especially your heart and mind. In fact research shows that joyful people have healthier blood pressure, a lower risk of heart attack, lower cholesterol, lower weight, and reduced tress levels. Joyful people are more likely to exercise, eat healthier foods, sleep better, avoid smoking and maintain a healthier well-being.

5)  Connect with Your Inner Self  Mindful meditation creates the right state of mind that will allow you to develop a relationship with your inner guide. Take an honest look at who you are inside and listen to your inner voice. Develop a relationship with your true self. Engage in a conversation with yourself. You may not always be aware of your inner voice – but it is always aware of you.


6)  Appreciate the moment  Appreciation recognizes the quality, value, and significance of all things, no matter how small. Notice the gentle breeze, a faint smile, a fragrant scent, a sharp taste, or a hushed silence. Recognize the full value of each moment of life and all life has to offer. Nourish yourself with appreciation by being mindful and present in the moment, and by allowing nature and your surroundings to fill your very being. Try this: Focus on a single moment in time. Become aware of that moment. Appreciate it. Fill your senses with it. Let the past go and don’t worry about tomorrow. All that matters is today, this moment. Don’t try to capture it on camera; just be content to let it reside in your memory. Each moment is precious. Savor it.


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