Children's Rights & Custody

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Douglas Darnall, Ph.D.

Dr. Douglas Darnall has been a practicing licensed psychologist for 20 years, and is CEO and clinic director of PsyCare, Inc., headquartered in Youngstown, OH. He has also served as Staff Psychologist for Trumbull County Family Court in Warren, OH. Darnall is considered one of the nation's leading experts on Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Dr. Darnall has appeared as an expert witness in court on over one hundred cases in eleven (11) states involving issues of custody, parental alienation syndrome, parental alienation, and other forensic matters. He has conducted more than a thousand custody evaluations over his 20 years. For more information, go to:



  Dean Tong

Dean Tong is a noted author and forensic legal consultant on divorce, child custody and abuse issues, Dean Tong found himself falsely accused of sexually abusing his preschool-age daughter during a contentious divorce 20+ years ago. After contesting the charges, he was arrested on a capital felony charge and jailed. He was barred from seeing his children for 14 months pending trial. The charges were later dismissed by the State of Florida.

In January of 2008, Dean was again falsely accused - this time for domestic abuse of his 2nd wife. Again he was exonerated. Dean's web site is


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