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The 2011 Hurricane Season is still Upon Us!

Many Texans were not prepared for Hurricane Ike - Over 2-million people lost power & services.

Will you be prepared when you and your family are in the path of a Hurricane, Wild Fire, Tornado, Earthquake or Flood?


Thee "Bible" for preparedness & survival, plus green & healthy living!

This Book Could Save Your Life!

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Written by Environmentalist & Outdoor Survivalist, Matthew Stein


When hurricanes Katrina and Ike hit the Gulf Coast many discovered that they were not prepared for survival. More than 2-million families lost power, and in the weeks that followed, hundreds of thousands of families were still without power, phones and water, and despite FEMA's giant efforts, many were still suffering three and four months after the storms had passed. Would you know what to do if this disaster happened to you?


What reviewers are saying about WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS;

"This book is an indispensable basic manual for the real-life issues that await us in the decades to come. Those who read it, and pay attention to its treasure trove of practical wisdom, will enjoy a huge advantage as the cheap oil fiesta winds down and circumstances compel us to live differently." —James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency

“If you’ve been wondering about how to respond to the twin dangers of peak oil and global warming, one of your best choices would be to read this book.” — Greg Pahl, author of The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook: Community Solutions to a Global Crisis

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When Technology Fails (Chelsea-Green Publishing) is considered THE BIBLE for preparedness and survival, to help anyone get ready and cope with such disasters as a Hurricane, Wild Fire, Tornado, Earthquake, Flood, Terrorist Attack or the current Economic Crisis.


Making Life More Tolerable in the Midst of Disaster!


Matthew Stein's first edition (released in December of 2005) sold more than 100,000 copies, and his guidance helped thousands of families survive major disasters. Now updated, with valuable new information, When Technology Fails will make life more tolerable when there are;

  • Disruptions in supplies and services

  • Medical emergencies

  • Power outages

  • Terrorist attack

  • Gasoline shortages

  • Food and water shortages.

Many in the path of Hurricanes did not know the answers to these questions:

  • What do I do when the water stops flowing out of my tap?

  • What do I do when gasoline and electricity are unavailable for weeks?

  • What do I do when food and supplies cannot be found?

  • What last minute items must my I take when an evacuation is ordered?

  • How do I deal with common medical emergencies when hospitals are flooded or closed?

When Technology Fails provides practical, “How TO” chapters on:

  • Survival strategies and techniques

  • Planning and emergency preparedness

  • First aid and emergency medical procedures

  • Dealing with toxic mold

  • Water quality and treatment options/water purification

  • Future trends and what might we expect over the next 5, 10, and 20 years

  • Renewable energy primer and guide to resources

  • Sustainable agriculture

  • “Green” building and passive solar guidelines

  • Much, much more  

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